Many students are not interested in reading the Bible. They think it is irrelevant or old-fashioned and the Bible is unreliable. But it is through the Scriptures that we learn about Jesus and get to know Him. How can we make it easier for students to encounter Jesus and the Bible? Mark Drama is one of the answers to that question! Students invite their friends to come and see a performance about the life of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark.

Mark's Gospel in

Mark Drama is an innovative show about the Gospel of Mark, with no costumes, props or professionals. Almost every event in Mark's Gospel is presented. And as in this Gospel, the action is dynamic, everything happens quickly. The remarkable thing is that during the performance, the audience will hear almost all of Jesus' words recorded in the Gospel of Mark. So it is a very powerful experience, both for Christians and those who seek God and are willing to reflect on Christianity.

A small circle-shaped stage in the center of the audience, actors moving between the viewers, interacting with them, no costumes and set design - all this made everyone present in the room feel as if they were participating in the events from more than 2,000 years ago. The performance was extremely vivid and moving, it evoked violent emotions in the audience. One of the most powerful scenes was when Jesus was condemned to death. From the outside, actors surrounded the audience and shouted: "Crucify him!" It was impossible to avoid the realization that we, too, were guilty of His death. But not only fear, terror and tears of sadness accompanied viewers during "Mark Drama". The room was often shaken by bursts of laughter caused by the clumsy behavior of simple, little understanding students. And I think that "life", "humanity", "normality" of the characters were skillfully played - both for Jesus and other heroes - their resemblance to us is one of the greatest advantages of the performance.

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